My Projects

sshyp is a simple, self-hosted, synchronized password manager (secured by OpenSSH and GnuPG). Its successor is currently in development.

gpbuttond is an efficient daemon for mapping GPIO buttons to keyboard keys.

reflexify is a set of tools for downloading and managing MX vs. ATV Reflex custom tracks on UNIX-like systems.

flac2pod is a set of tools for preparing a FLAC library for use on a classic iPod.

Project News


sshyp v1.5.2 has been released!

This is yet another large bugfix release. Everything from quick-unlock to the curses menus has been touched up.

Additionally, device ID management has gotten much easier with a new option in the server tweak menu for removing device IDs, as well as automatic device ID removal when changing the ID from the client.

This is the first release of sshyp to raise the minimum Python requirement from Python 3.7 (Python 3.8 is now required for some functionality).

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